Winter Solstice Special

Join us as we welcome the Winter season.

Winter is Coming! The ICAN team are inviting you to welcome in the Winter season with them. Join your ‘snow’-hosts Snowy Sarah, Skating Steven and Icy Elaina on Wednesday, December 21st at 1pm PT.

The ICAN team in a log cabin with Santa flying by outside.
Your ‘Snow’-hosts! Steven, Elaina and Sarah.

We will bring in the new season with some Winter Classics, including songs about snow, sounds of winter, some traditional holiday music and even some songs for our friends, south of the Equator, that are experiencing the Summer Solstice. We will also learn all about each the ICAN teams perfect Winters Day, and discover who likes to dance in the moonlight, who loves to bake and who loves to make snow angels.

Be sure to join us for a Winter Solstice Special, Wednesday, December 21st at 1pm PT on

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