ICAN Become

What do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe you could interview a professional in that area on an episode of ICAN Become, a new radio series from the International Children’s Arts Network. Each week, a new youth host interviews a professional in a career they are interested in. You can listen to ICAN Become on-demand below and on most podcast platforms.

Episode 8 – A Newsreader

Phillip Norton and Jamie

Jamie enjoys going to Video Newsletter after school twice a week. He wants to know more about becoming a Newsreader.

In this episode of ICAN Become, Jamie interviews BBC Newsreader Phillip Norton about what it takes to get in front of the camera and talk to the world. They discuss what story has been most fun to share, which involved chasing a cow around town.

Episode 7 – A Video Editor

Sullivan and Christian

Sullivan likes to play soccer, ride his bike, and edit video clips for himself and his friends. He has found himself enjoying the editing process, so he asked ICAN if he could interview someone who knows how to edit videos.

In this episode of ICAN Become, Sullivan interviews local filmmaker Christian Bergmans; they talk about why editing is one of the fun parts of the filmmaking process, some tips and tricks, and more!

Episode 6 – An Interior Designer

Ruby, with Interior Designer, Taylor. Both are wearing All Classical Radio's Hard Hats
Ruby and Taylor

Say hello to Ruby; she likes to play D&D, sing, and design buildings. She loves to design various layouts of buildings in multiple ways, from using her art skills and drawing in her art book or getting hands-on and using her Lego building skills.

Recently, Ruby sat down with Taylor Pasic from GBD Architects in Portland, Oregon. They discuss their love of design, being big sisters, and how important it is to stay creative.

Episode 5 – A Veterinarian

Angelikah holding her puppy named Teddi, and Dr. Cherice Roth
Angelikah (with Teddi), and Dr. Cherice Roth

Meet Angelikah; she loves her puppies. When she grows up, she wants to do as much as she can to help animals and become a veterinarian.

In this episode of ICAN Become, Angelikah talks to Dr. Cherice Roth, Veterinarian and Author, who has helped animals of all sizes, from giraffes and elephants to mice and kittens. They talk about all the skills you need to become a great veterinarian.

Episode 4 – An Astronaut

Gabe and Anne McClain at ICAN Space Control
Gabe and Anne McClain

Meet Gabe, he lives in New York, and like many children he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

In this episode of ICAN Become, Gabe meets NASA Astronaut Anne McClain, who has spent over 200 days in space. They talk about what it takes to become an Astronaut, working on teams, and things you can do on Earth to prepare yourself for take-off!

Episode 3 – A Ballet Dancer

Mateo and Ben strike a ballet pose.
Mateo and Ben

Meet Mateo; he likes to play basketball, ride his bike, and dance. When he grows up, he wants to become a professional ballet dancer. In this episode, Mateo interviews Ben Youngstone from the Oregon Ballet Theatre.

Mateo learns all about what it takes to become a Ballet Dancer, what it was like for Ben growing up as a young boy that wanted to become a Ballet Dancer, and they each talk about their upcoming performances.

Episode 2 – A Baker

Cheryl and Clementine with 2 delicious cakes.
Cheryl and Clementine

Meet Clementine; she likes playing with her sister, going to P.E. class, and baking! She loves to bake cookies, cakes, and pretzels! In this episode of ICAN Become, she interviews award-winning baker Cheryl Wakerhauser, founder of Pix Patisserie.

Pix is one of Clementine’s favorite places, she especially likes to visit the Pix-O-Matic vending machine. You can listen to the episode on-demand to hear Clementine interview Cheryl and learn all about baking, including some ‘sweet’ advice.

Episode 1 – A Podcaster

Henry in the studio, with Mr. Eric on screen.
Henry and Mr. Eric (on screen)

Meet Henry; he likes gaming, cats, and podcasting. His favorite Podcast is What If World, which airs every day at 10 am during ICAN’s Adventure Hour. When Henry grows up, he wants to be a Podcaster; he is now working on his own audio drama ‘Time Warp’!

When the ICAN team learned that Henry was such a huge fan of What If World, they contacted Eric O’Keeffe, the star and creator of What If World, and set up a meeting, you can hear that interview below and find out what it takes to become a Podcaster.

ICAN Become will feature eight youth hosts, interviewing eight professionals, including a Baker, an Interior Designer, a Podcaster, and even a NASA Astronaut!
Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Let us know by having an adult get in touch with us on our contact page, and maybe you will get to interview someone awesome, just like Henry, Angelikah, and friends did.


Created by: Steven Joinson
Produced by: Steven Joinson and Sarah Zwinklis
Production Assistance by: Jahlysa Azaret
Executive Producer: Suzanne Nance

Theme Music: Small Feet Big Steps by Stationary Sign