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Enjoy classic tales told by familiar All Classical voices as well as spoken poetry by new ones in ICAN’s literary corner.

With music from everything from classical overtures to international treasures, discover music from all over the world in ICAN’s musical library.

Learn and Listen- Strings!

Ever heard the sweet song of a violin? The bouncing of a bass? The twinkling of a harp? If you have, then you’re already familiar with the string family!  What makes an instrument part of the string family? Well, strings, of course! Their bodies are wooden and hollow, which allows sound to vibrate inside when the strings are […]

Aprendes y Escuchas- las Cuerdas!

¿Han escuchado la canción sincera de un violín? ¿O el bote de un bajo? ¿O puede ser el centelleo de un arpa? Si dijeron que si, ¡ya están familiarizada de la familia de los instrumentos de cuerda!

Animal Music!

If animals could write music, can you imagine what kind of music your favorite animal would create? Maybe a frog’s music would sound like chirping or hopping. Maybe a swan’s music would sound smooth and graceful. Maybe a duck’s music would sound like quacking and splashing! Sometimes composers use their imaginations and write their own […]