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Welcome to ICAN!

The International Children’s Arts Network (ICAN) is a dedicated safe space for children to celebrate the joy of being a child, explore other cultures, and enhance their learning inside and outside of the classroom. ICAN provides access to the arts for all, while nurturing a love for music and literature.  

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I wanted to say thank you for ICAN! When I heard that you had started this, I immediately let several of my friends know about it who work directly with youth. Please keep this going. It is greatly needed.

My son, Timothy, and I started listening as a way to calmly drive through town and has transitioned to listening while reading or building cardboard projects at home, weekend chores, etc. He started asking the teacher to play your station during quiet reading. It’s inspiring to see an 11-year old connect with music in a way I didn’t expect and I love it. Thank you for inspiring my family to listen to your station.