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All about the Powwow.

To continue our appreciation of Native American Heritage Month, we’re going to learn about ‘powwows!’ The powwow is a staple in North American Indigenous tradition. It is a gathering of tribe members all across North America who celebrate life by dancing and singing! These social celebratory gatherings have been held for hundreds of years. The […]

Learning Gratitude through Reflection

Today is a wonderful day to learn about gratitude, don’t you think? If you don’t know what gratitude means, it means: “the quality of being thankful.” What are you thankful for? Have you thought much about what you’re thankful for? Most people don’t think about what they’re thankful for very often. If they did, science […]

All about the Drum.

To celebrate the beginning of Indigenous People’s Month, we want to teach you about the importance of the drum! To help us teach, we spoke with Raymond Sewell, a member of the L’nu people. Raymond is a special advisor at Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia. He has also played the drum since he could […]

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