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Shape of Music | Melody

Written by Mete Bakircioglu Welcome back to “The Shape of Music,” a five-part series where we take you through the magic of music. I’ll explain how music works and what makes it sound so good. Last episode we studied rhythm: the heartbeat of music. Follow along as we learn about melody, the tune that gets […]

Worry Dolls

Long ago, there was a Mayan princess named Ixmucane (icks-moo-ca-neigh). Her father, the Sun God, granted her a very special gift- the ability to take away any problem a human could experience. Though this tale has faded into legend, the people of Guatemala have kept it alive through worry dolls, little handmade dolls crafted in […]


Cut out pictures in a pile

Collage, from the french word coller, or ‘to glue’, is a funky, fun, unique style that you’ve probably encountered before, in class or at museums. But do you know the history behind it?  Collage was made popular by artists Braque and Picasso who began experimenting with it in 1910, and many artists followed suit, taking materials like colored paper, photos, paintings, […]