About ICAN

ICAN (International Children’s Arts Network) is a radio service, the first of its kind in the nation, available on All Classical Portland’s HD-2 channel and online worldwide via Through its special programming, ICAN promotes cross-cultural awareness and fosters emotional intelligence. Designed for young listeners, the network features music and literature from around the world. The content is produced locally, sourced and shared globally, and curated by All Classical Portland and regional arts organization partners. Along with music, songs, poems, and stories shared on the network, the hosts share context about the music and literature. For example, imagine hearing classic stories, new guided adventures, together with the music you love.

Who is it for?

ICAN is a resource for children, parents, grandparents, daycare centers and schools for enriching content that is safe, educational, entertaining and inspiring. Designed for children ages 0-12, ICAN’s goal is to provide greater access to arts and culture programming for young listeners and their families. The content on ICAN provides a gateway to the world for local listeners across the Pacific Northwest and in turn, creates a window for the world to our region.


Music is essential to the developmental process of a young child. Studies show that in their first five years, a child’s brain develops faster than at any other time in life. ICAN provides a stimulating, free and accessible service for young people of all backgrounds and ages. From lullaby hour and story time, to programming that introduces various languages, this service is a nurturing, cultural playground for our community and for the world.

Meet the Team

Sarah Zwinklis Sarah as a child

Sarah Zwinklis

ICAN Program Manager
Suzanne Nance Suzanne as a child

Suzanne Nance

All Classical Portland President & CEO and ICAN Executive Producer
Dan Gonzalez Dan Gonzalez

Dan Gonzalez

Web Developer