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Listen to ICAN
June 17, 2024 9:25am PDT

Program Schedule

7am: Mindful Music: Light Classical
8am: Storytime from Storynory
9am: International Dance Hour: Music from all around the world
10am: Adventure Hour: What if World and Adventure stories
11am: Naptime: Classical Lullaby Hour
12pm: Maestro Classics: stories of great composers
1pm: Dance Break! : Music to get you moving
2pm: Colorful Compositions: music to inspire creating art
3pm: Screenshot with Marty Coldwater
3:15pm: Up Beat and Move Your Feet!
4pm: From the Top: Music from young musicians
5pm: Winding Down: Storytime and International Lullabies
6pm: International Lullaby Hour
7pm: Lullabies
12am through the early morning: Restful Music