Tokens of Love

When we want to tell the people we love how we feel there are many different ways to express ourselves. Here are the various ways to show your appreciation.

Words of affirmation

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

This can be as simple as saying “I love you” or as grand as writing a poem! It means using our words to tell people how much we appreciate them. You can either say it out loud or write it down and give it to them. This can include:

● Written things like notes, letters or poems

● Songs that you can sing

● Everyday phrases that show people you care about them

Think about someone in your life who you love or appreciate, and write down 4 things that you admire about them. This could be a parent, a sibling, a friend, a teacher, or anyone else that makes you happy. See if you can write about what’s on your list in a poem or a letter. It can be as short or as long as you want it to be.


We usually get presents during holidays or on birthdays, but sometimes people give gifts just to show appreciation. They don’t always have to be big and fancy, because the thought behind it is what matters. This can include:

● Flowers

● A card

● Books

● Or anything that you saw and thought, “they would really like this!”

Often the best gift is one that we’ve made ourselves because it shows we put time and effort into it. What can you make? If you like art, sit down with some paper and pencils and draw something for the person. If you like crafts, you could make an origami crane using pretty paper. Think about what you like doing or making, even if you’re not the best at it. You can practice while also showing someone you care about them.

Acts of service

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When someone helps you with your homework or any other projects, that’s a kind of act of service. Even if it’s as simple as asking them to get something from a shelf you can’t reach, they’re doing it to help you. A lot of times, it can look like doing tasks so that people you love don’t have to. This can include:

● Doing your chores

● Cleaning up after yourself

● Taking care of the family pet

Sometimes we can try to do something to help, but it can be more complicated than we thought it would be. If you have an idea of a way you could help someone, make sure to ask first so you know they’re okay with it. The easiest way to show appreciation with acts of service is to wait for someone to ask for your help or do something you already know they want you to do.

Quality time

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This one is exactly what it sounds like! Sometimes it’s enough to be around the people we love and who love us back. It shows that of all the things they could be doing right now, they want to be with us. This can include:

● Reading a book with them

● Listening to music with them

● Going for a walk with them

Sometimes people are really busy, and even though they want to spend time with someone they can’t. But that makes the time they do get with that person even more important. When you do almost any of the activities on this blog, you can ask a friend or a family member to do them with you.

Physical touch

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Physical touch can be meaningful for some people, but it can be different for everyone. People who struggle with words can have an easier time expressing themselves like this. This can include:

● Hugs

● Kisses on the cheek

● High fives

Always ask before showing appreciation and love with physical touch. While this is a way to show affection, you don’t have to hug someone if you don’t want to. And you shouldn’t hug them if they don’t want you to. Some people don’t like hugs at all, and some people only like hugs sometimes.

Often, the best way to show your appreciation and affection for people in your lives is by listening to them. You should also know that the way people show affection is usually the way they’d like to receive it. Listening and paying attention will always let people know you care.