The World Needs More Purple Schools

ICAN is celebrating back-to-school in September! On Thursday, September 15th at 5:00PM Pacific, ICAN’s Audio Book Tour features Benjamin Hart and Kristen Bell’s new book The World Needs More Purple Schools!

Cover of The World Needs More Purple Schools by Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart. Images provided by Penguin Random House

The World Needs More Purple Schools is a follow-up to The World Needs More Purple People.

Kristen Bell (left) and Benjamin Hart (right) stand in Purple Shirts that read 'Purple Person'
Authors Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart, image from Penguin Random House

Penny Purple taught us how to be a purple person. A person who finds common ground with others while celebrating what makes them unique! Now Penny and her pals will put their purple skills into action in their very favorite place — their classroom! How do you make a purple school? It will take curiosity, sharing, hard work, and lots of laughs!

Penguin Random House

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