The Enchanted Symphony & Waiting in the Wings

Catch this very special birthday airing of ICAN’s Audio Book Tour featuring Dame Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton! For this episode, All Classical’s 2024 Young Artist in Residence, Elaina Stuppler, sits down with Dame Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton to talk about their book, The Enchanted Symphony, and their upcoming book, Waiting in the Wings.

Listen in on Thursday, April 18th at 5 PM Pacific, with an encore broadcast on Sunday, April 21st at 8 AM Pacific.

On the left is the cover of The Enchanted Symphony and on the right is Emma Walton Hamilton and Dame Julie Andrews.
Left: Front cover of the Enchanted Symphony.
Right: Emma Walton Hamilton and Dame Julie Andrews. Photo courtesy of authors’ publisher.

The Enchanted Symphony

The Enchanted Symphony is an inspiring picture book about the power of art, nature, and community from New York Times bestselling mother–daughter duo, beloved Academy Award-winner Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton.

When a lively village is beset by a mysterious fog, the town turns dull and silent; melancholy neighbors stop visiting each other and even going outside. Until one day, when a boy’s simple melody strikes a chord, reminding everyone of what matters most—even in the darkest of times.

Beautifully and colorfully illustrated by Elly MacKay, The Enchanted Symphony is a powerful, hopeful fairy tale celebrating life’s simple pleasures that bring us together.

On the left is the cover of Waiting in the Wings and on the right is Emma Walton Hamilton and Dame Julie Andrews holding Waiting in the Wings.
Left: Front cover of Waiting in the Wings.
Right: Emma Walton Hamilton and Dame Julie Andrews. Photo courtesy of authors’ publisher.

Waiting in the Wings

Inspired by a true event, the tale of a duck family waiting in the wings for their moment in the spotlight—from the #1 bestselling mother-daughter team of musical icon Julie Andrews and author Emma Walton Hamilton!

Mr. and Mrs. Puddleduck have found the perfect place to nest: a cozy planter by a theater in a sunny seaside village. While Mrs. P is warming the eggs, Mr. P is drawn to the spellbinding songs, fabulous feathered costumes, and dazzling dances he’s secretly watching during rehearsals. He’s even showing off some fancy new footwork to Mrs. P!

But it turns out he’s been learning much more than how to put on a show. When the chicks begin hatching right by the roadside, it takes a chorus line of parading performers—and Mr. P’s clever choreography—to come to the rescue!

About Elaina

Elaina Stuppler smiling in a standing profile.
Elaina Stuppler. Photo: Frankie Tresser

Elaina Stuppler is an accomplished composer, vocalist, and trombonist. Named All Classical Radio’s 2024 Young Artist in Residence and the former Youth Roving Reporter for ICAN Radio, Elaina has left an indelible mark in classical music spaces and radio.

Additionally, Elaina has played trombone at the Sydney Opera House and sang at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  Furthermore, Elaina’s work has been commissioned by the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York, the Portland Youth Philharmonic, and the Metropolitan Youth Symphony to name a few.

Currently, Elaina is the Co-Principal Trombonist for Portland Youth Philharmonic (PYP) and she was selected for All-State and All-Northwest Honor Bands for Jazz and Wind Ensemble. Elaina has also written great pieces on artists such as Black Violin and Dr. Jennifer Higdon as a Youth Roving Reporter.

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