The Cinnamon Bear

Enjoy the Cinnamon Bear on ICAN Radio.

The Cinnamon Bear originally aired eighty-five years ago in 1937, and people have been enjoying this holiday classic ever since!

The Cinnamon Bear follows the adventures of Judy and Jimmy Barton as they search for the Silver Star. This leads them to a wonderous place known as Maybeland. Here they join Paddy O’Cinnamon, a mischievous Quilt Dragon, and travel to all corners of Maybeland, including the Wishing Woods, Looking Glass Valley, Root Beer Ocean, The Island of Obi, and even the North Pole!

On their epic journey they encounter many characters that call Maybeland home. From Giants, Magicians and Crooning Crocodiles, to Pirates, Queens and Witches! Some of these characters are here to help, but some look to keep the Silver Star for themselves!

Be sure to join us on this classic adventure, as we travel across Maybeland. Listen at, daily (beginning November 24, 2023) at 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM PT, through January 6th, 2024.