ICAN’s First Photo Album

All Classical Portland launched the International Children’s Art Network on April 15th, 2019. Over the past 366 days (thanks, Leap Year!) ICAN has worked with more than 100 young people to create over 1,000 audio segments; from poetry to adventures, from introducing music to telling stories, kids are at the heart of ICAN’s programming.

Here are some highlights from the last year!

Child with over sized Santa Hat colors with crayons
The International Children’s Arts Network’s debut event was All Classical Portland’s 2018 Holiday Open House!
This is Estere! She was our very first voice talent. You can still hear her voice daily after nap- time.
Speaking of nap time, during the overnight you can enjoy the sounds of the Pacific Northwest to make easing into sleep a breeze. This is a shot from Cannon Beach where we recorded the ocean waves.
On April 15, 2019 the International Children’s Arts Network went on-air on All Classical Portland’s HD-2 Stations.
Our first official ICAN room during All Classical Portland’s summer open house during 2019. We love seeing kids and their parents create art together!

Raquel (left) and Olivia, our youth ICAN producers, interviewing DJ Lance at Portland Children’s Museum at the first annual Building Bridges Festival.
Another talented ICAN voice you might hear on-air is Skye. She is a great storyteller and a young composer. Her adventure and Imogen story airs regularly during Adventure Time.
We were honored to work with Queen Melissa from Portland Spirits’ Cinnamon Bear Cruise. We loved continuing the Cinnamon Bear tradition by airing the series throughout December.
One of our last events of the year was ICAN Sing-A-Long with Portland Revels children chorus. This Arctic Fox made a surprise appearance during the interactive storytime.
Finally, we rounded out the year with All Classical Portland’s Holiday Open house. The ICAN room was a winter wonderland and completely warmed our hearts. Find these coloring sheets here.

This year we’ve been honored to collaborate and work with Northwest Children’s Theater and School, Portland Revels, Children’s Museum, Oregon Coast Aquarium, PDX Parent, Portland Youth Philharmonic, Hoffman Academy, Portland Spirit, and the International School.

Here’s to celebrating many more birthdays in the future!