Tell Us What You’re Grateful For

If there is something, or someone, for which you are especially grateful for, we’d like to hear from you.

Please call ICAN and All Classical Portland’s Gratitude Line at 503-802-9474, and leave a voicemail message with your reflections, and what you are most grateful for this year. If you have a musical request, be sure to include that in your message. The Gratitude Line is open for your voice messages now through midnight on Sunday, November 13, 2022.

You can tune into All Classical Portland’s Gratitude Program hosted by Suzanne Nance to hear beautiful and uplifting music, interwoven with heartwarming listener messages. The Gratitude Program on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2022, at 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM PT, on 89.9 FM in Portland or online from anywhere in the world.