Storytime Activity: Camp Tiger

Posted on October 15th by Jackson Poling

Your ears are in for a treat! On October 15th at 5pm, ICAN will be airing a storytime episode featuring the amazing picture-book Camp Tiger. Tonight you’ll be able to hear the voice of the award winning fiction author Susan Choi. She will be reading the story that she wrote and John Rocco illustrated. If you can’t tune in tonight, no worries! This storytime episode will be aired again at 8am, October 18th.

Camp Tiger is a fun story about a family of four who goes out camping in the mountains. During their trip, they meet a tiger. Don’t worry, a friendly tiger, one who acts like a house cat. The rest of their weekend becomes a memorable one, all thanks to the tiger being there.

Susan Choi

Susan Choi was born in the good ol’ midwest. Indiana, to be exact. She then moved on to Yale University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature. Susan has had a very fruitful career. Wielding 8 published stories under her belt, and winning 5 awards for her work! She now resides in Brooklyn where she is a fiction teacher at Yale!

Do you want to do some coloring to get ready for the story? Yeah? Yeah it sounds like you do. We’ve attached a download link below so you can color in a tiger that lost his stripes! Go help them get their stripes back as soon as possible!

Download the Coloring Page:

If you’ve enjoyed Susan Choi’s work, please make your way to her website here to view more of her stories!