Space Week

the ICAN Alien listening to giant headphone in it's UFO
This week ICAN is going out of this world!

This week is Space Week on and we will be celebrating all week with great music inspired by our Universe, and sharing fun facts on Social Media!

We also have a fun activity to share with you too! An activity that mixes last weeks Fun with Foods, with this weeks Space theme! We’re going to EAT the Solar System! Yes, that’s right, we’re going to eat it!

What you need:

1 Orange
1 Kiwi
1 Banana
1 Raspberry
1 Cherry
2 Blueberries
2 Grapes (Green and Purple)
Coconut Flakes

If you don’t have all of these fruits, you can be creative and use other food items too.

It is VERY important to ask for help from an adult, as we cut most of these items to fit onto our plate/tray.

When you have decided which fruits will represent which planets, ask your adult to slice the fruits so they will fit nicely onto your plate/tray. We used the Orange as the Sun, and had 1 flat slice that we cut in half, and half a grape for the Earth to show that it was a sphere. We used half a Cherry for Saturn, and took out the pip first! For Saturn, we used one small slice of Banana, with a small piece of the skin across it, to represent the rings! Once we had all of our planets lined up, we sprinkled some coconut flakes around the tray to represent the stars.

We’re ready to eat the Solar System.
(We may have switched a couple of planets around first)

Once we were done, it was time to eat. (Be sure to remove anything that isn’t edible before eating).
Get ready to taste Space, Bon Voyage and Bon Apetite!