Paper Bag Snowfriend Craft

Families and friends gather around for great food, good music, and fun during the winter season! Our Paper Bag Snowfriend is perfect for creating memories with the people around you!

A paper bag with a snowman decorated with a paper pink scarf, two paper pink buttons, and a paper hat with a pink flower. Above
the paper bag snowman is the title paper bag snowfriend.

During this time of year, the nights are chilly and the rain makes you want to bundle up tight! Now is the perfect time to create a snow friend that can join you in the warmth of your home. So while you’re listening to some great holiday tunes from ICAN radio, let’s build a paper bag snowfriend!

What you’ll need for one snowfriend:

  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Paper Bag
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • A small bucket or a paper circle to trace
  • Scissors (Remember grab an adult to help with cutting pieces)
  • At least two sheets of white construction paper for the body
  • (Optional) Assorted colored paper or markers to decorate the snowfriend

Step 1:

Grab on of the white construction pieces of paper. Then place the small bucket or the paper circle onto the paper to trace.

You’ll want to trace a small circle, a medium circle, and a large circle. If you run out of room, use your second sheet of white construction paper.

A small bucket off to the left-hand side of two traced circles. A small circle toward the top of the construction paper and a larger circle toward the bottom. A black marker is to the right-hand side of the traced circles.
At the top of the photo is white construction paper with two circles cut out of it. At the bottom of the photo is two circles. One small circle on top and a larger circle on the bottom. To the right of the circles is a pair of scissors with a red handle.

Step 2:

After tracing circles, it is time to cut them out. If help is needed, make sure to have an adult help with cutting out the circles. If more circles are needed, repeat step 1.

Step 3:

Start placing the circles onto the paper bag. Use double-sided tape in the center of each circle to help the circles stay in place, then use glue around the edges on the back. Starting from the bottom with the largest size, place the circles on the bag. Make sure the smallest circle is on the flap.

A paper bag is in the center with a circle glued to the bottom of it. To the right of the paper bag is two circles. Above the paper bag is a bottle of glue.
In the center is a paper bag with three circles on it to resemble a snowman. To the left of the paper bag are two small sheets of pink paper and a black marker. To the bottom of the bag is a small black piece of paper. To the right of the paper bag is a roll of double sided tape.

Step 4:

Now it is time to decorate your snow friend!

Take fun pieces of colorful paper or markers to decorate your friend. Feel free to use stickers or glitter to make your friend even more unique!

Step 5:

After decorating, your snow friend is done! Have some great winter fun and remember to tag on Instagram with your cool designs!

A paper bag with a snowman decorated with a paper pink scarf, two paper pink buttons, and a paper hat with a pink flower is centered in the photo.