ICAN Spring Break Bingo

ICAN is featuring a bingo board to complete during spring break. Do you think you can complete the board? Look down below for helpful tips and descriptions to help you to reach a full bingo!

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Spring Break Bingo Activity List

Ride a Bike: While the weather is so nice, take a bike for a ride! This is an activity the whole family can enjoy together and look at some nice scenery. Make sure to practice bike safety! Ride bikes in the park, and you can collect two spaces on the bingo board!

Build a Pillow Fort: Bring a friend along and make a fort inside! With parent permission, grab some blankets, pillows, and chairs. Then, once the fort is all finished, bring some books to read inside or color in a coloring book!

Bonus Tip: Looking for books to read? Here are some books from Audio Book Tour. Take a look and pick one to read. Also, if you do not have the book already, this could be the perfect time to visit the library! Wow, that’s three bingo spots!

Make a Friendship Bracelet: Spring break is a great time to gather with friends and make friendship bracelets! Get creative and see all the different designs that everyone makes! Check out ICAN’s blog here to learn how to make one!

Paint a Rock: Find a rock outside and use it as a canvas to paint on. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a listen to Colorful Compositions, which airs on ICAN Radio at 2 PM every day! Tune in and listen to some music to help you feel inspired.

Dance!: Have a dance party with some friends and family! The key here is to have fun! If you’re looking for some great music to dance to, tune into ICAN Radio, and we can help keep the dance party going!

Have a Picnic Outside: Springtime is great to spend time with family and friends! What better way to spend time with everyone than to have a picnic outside? Everyone can pick their favorite foods, pack them up, and eat at the park. If you choose to go to the park, that is another spot to collect on the bingo board! Is the park too far? Then you can also go to the backyard or stay inside. The most important part is having fun and creating great memories with loved ones!

Draw a Nature Picture: There are so many great things to draw outside! Maybe draw a tree or a flower? Maybe draw a whole scene with animals, cherry blossom trees, and the sky! It is all up to you; just have fun and explore!

Listen to ICAN Radio: We know that listening to ICAN Radio is super easy, so go ahead and mark this one off while listening to some fun tunes. As a bonus, share the fun of ICAN Radio with a friend and join in on one of the many dance parties that ICAN Radio has throughout the day.

Watch a Movie: Here is a bingo space to watch your favorite movie or see a new one. Also, this could be a great opportunity to have a family movie night! Everyone can vote on a movie, then sit down with their favorite snacks for this for a memorable movie night.

Write a Story: Have you ever written a story before? Here’s the chance to make your characters come to life! Try writing a story with words or pictures. What adventure will your character go on? What will they do? Will they meet a friendly dragon? The story is up to you!

Go For a Walk: All of these activities so far are fun, but it is also good to take a break. Therefore, take a break by going for a walk and seeing the beautiful nature outside.

Visit a Waterfall: There are many waterfalls to check out around Oregon, where ICAN is based. Here is a list of waterfalls that the whole family can enjoy. Can’t make it to a waterfall? Go ahead and take some time to draw one. It will count and go toward the ‘draw a nature picture’ spot too!

Free Space: You just have to be awesome for this space, and you already are, so make sure to mark it!

Ride a Swing: Whether at a park or your own backyard, ride on a swing! If you go to the park, you will be able to collect two bingo spaces!

Drink Water: Drinking water is very important to help you play all day. Make sure to stay hydrated to keep the fun going.

Visit a Park: Let’s go to the park! There are some great parks to visit. Bring along a friend and find a new favorite playground. Here is a list of playgrounds that could be fun to visit!

Play a Board Game: For this bingo space, either play board or card games to collect it. Maybe Chutes and Ladders or a game of Go Fish!

Read a Book from ICAN’s Audio Book Tour: ICAN has featured many great books on Audio Book Tour. Please take a look and find one that interests you! To complete this space, the book can also be read to you.

Draw Chalk Art: Take some chalk and use the sidewalk as your canvas! There are so many pictures to create with chalk. Maybe draw a castle or some clouds. Make sure to be safe and get some parental guidance to know where to draw your amazing chalk creations.

Play the Floor is Lava: The Floor is Lava is a game where you imagine that the floor underneath you is now lava and you cannot touch it! Where will you go to avoid the lava? This game is fun for the whole family, so have someone give directions for when the floor is “lava” and then when it is “cool.” Anyone not in the lava wins!

Go to the Library: The library is a great place to read, create and PLAY! Here is an awesome list of libraries to visit!

Plant a Flower: Plant some flowers for Spring! Do you have a favorite flower you want to plant? With help from an adult, find some seeds, a pot, and planting soil to create a home for your plant. We’re excited to see what you will grow!

Find Poochini: Our friend Poochini loves to hide in the pages of Metronome Kids. Take a look and see if you can find him!

Paint a Self Portrait: Either have a mirror to look into or use a picture of yourself to paint a self-portrait! Maybe paint your favorite colors or hobbies into the portrait, too. Just have a great time creating with paint!

Make/ Play an Instrument: Do you have an instrument to play? Have fun playing some great songs! Do you need an instrument? ICAN Radio has some great instructions on creating maracas! Take a look here!

Here is a free printable of the ICAN Spring Break Bingo board:

Did you finish your board or get five in a row? Was there an activity that was your favorite? We would love to hear about your adventure on @ican.radio on Instagram!