ICAN Become

ICAN Become Season Two is now airing weekly on ICAN. ICAN Become will be featured every Wednesday afternoon at 5 p.m. PT. In the second season you will hear from Leaders, Sports Announcers, Orchestra Conductors, Baseball players, Voice Over Artists and MORE!

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Henry in the studio with Mr Eric on the screen behind him
Henry and Mr. Eric (on screen)

Meet Henry, he likes gaming, cats, and podcasting. His favorite Podcast is What If World, which airs every day at 10am during ICAN’s Adventure Hour. When Henry grows up, he wants to be a Podcaster, he is even working on his own audio drama ‘Time Warp’ right now!

When the ICAN team learned that Henry was a such a huge fan of What If World, they contacted Eric O’Keeffe, the star and creator of What If World, and set up a meeting between the two of them.

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Let us know by having an adult email us at ICANBecome@icanradio.org, and maybe you will get to interview someone awesome, just like Henry, and many other youth have.