Let’s Celebrate Together (Apart)!

yellow, teal, and hot pink balloons rest on confetti and streamers

ICAN’s birthday is right around the corner on April 15th, and we got to thinking…how can we celebrate the birthdays of our friends and family, especially if we can’t be with them on that special day?! Here are some fun ways to celebrate loved ones, even if you are apart.

1) Call or Facetime with them

Get your friend on the phone and sing them Happy Birthday! Or if you don’t feel like singing, just chat. It’s always lovely to hear from a friend! And here’s some inspiration: Portland Youth Philharmonic singing Happy Birthday (via Youtube)

2) Send them some love in the mail

Have you received anything in the mail lately? Isn’t it fun to see a package or a letter waiting for you in the mailbox? You can write your friend a note or a birthday card. You could even color them a picture. Add some balloons, confetti, or fun photographs, and turn it into a birthday package!

3) Make them dessert in a jar

By layering ingredients in a jar, you can make it easy for your friend to make a special treat the next time you see them. Here are some fun recipes you can try: Unicorn Cookies in a Jar (via sunshineparties.com), these Sand Art Brownies (via tastofhome.com), or this Chocolate Cake Mix (via melissaknorris.com)

cinnamon sticks next to a small jar filled with walnuts, chocolate, and baking goods.

4) Write them a story

Create an adventure tale using your friend’s name as the main character! What type of adventure will they go on? To a magical forest or an enchanted kingdom? They can go anywhere! As an extra bonus, you could record yourself reading the story and share it with them.

5) Enjoy some music together – virtually!

We love being able to watch live music performances, even when you are apart from each other. Check out this concert from Metropolitan Youth Symphony (via Youtube) :

6) Record a Happy Birthday message

Using a cell phone or a device like Alexa, you can record your message and send it to your friends and family. This is fun even if it isn’t their birthday.

We want to hear from you!

How else can you celebrate someone’s birthday? Tag us on social media or use the hashtag #ICANradio or #ICANbdayparty to let us know how you are celebrating your friends and family over long distances, and stay tuned for more information about ICAN’s upcoming birthday and how you can celebrate with us!