Abby’s Celtic Corner

ICAN’s NEW 5-part series, Abby’s Celtic Corner takes you to Ireland!

Abby Molloy in Ireland: photography by: Cian Monaghan

Singer and Ireland Native, Abby Molloy will teach you incredible Irish myths and legends, beautiful musical instruments, traditional Irish songs and learn some of the Irish language along the way. The 5-part series starts on Friday, March 17th 2023 at Noon PT!


Episode 1: St. Patrick

Abby celebrates St. Patrick day! In the first episode of Abby’s Celtic Corner, you learn about ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Who St. Patrick was, and how to say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, and ‘goodbye’ in Irish.

Episode 2: Giants Causeway

The second episode of Abby’s Celtic Corner, we learn about Finn McCool, Ireland’s biggest giant, and the beautiful Giants Causeway. We also discover the Irish drum, the Bodhrán, and how to sing the traditional Irish song Mo Ghile Mear.

Episode 3: St. Brigid

Travel back in time to the land of legends with Irish singer, Abby Molloy, who will tell you all about St. Brigid, a musical instrument called the tin whistle, and sing a classic Irish song called “We Sing A Song For Brigid”.

Episode 4: Salmon of Knowledge

Abby brings you all the way over to the Emerald Isle to learn about the Salmon of Knowledge, a wonderful instrument called the harp, and a song about seaweed called Dúlamán.

Episode 5: Tír na nÓg

In the final episode of Abby’s Celtic Corner, host Abby Molloy takes us on a trip to Tír na nÓg.