5 Questions with Sarah Zwinklis & Steven Joinson!

For the past FOUR (!) years, ICAN has provided fun and diverse programming centered around the arts for kids, their families, and educators. Through ICAN, listeners have traveled around the world, stepped inside storybooks, chatted with inspiring artists, felt all the feels, and so much more.

Have you ever wondered WHO was responsible for making all this magic happen 24 hours a day? Let’s get to know the two grown-ups behind the scenes better. Introducing… ICAN’s Program Manager, Sarah Zwinklis, and ICAN’s Production Assistant, Steven Joinson! *Applause*

5 Questions with Sarah Zwinklis and Steven Joinson

If you could write a piece of music for an inanimate object, what would you choose?

Sarah – I’d write a piece of music for a standard deck of cards because there are endless possibilities in a deck of cards! You can play many games; there are also characters and themes within a deck. I’d call it Étude in C Major, “Deck of Cards,” since “étude” is French for “study” and usually in music, études are short pieces. I like to play games A LOT (kind of like I’m studying them) and most card games are pretty quick to play.

Steven – I would write a ballad for my teacup and call it Canon in T.

What would you choose if you could only have one pizza topping on your next pizza?

Sarah – Pepperoni

Steven – BBQ Chicken

What is a random bit of trivia you love telling anyone who will listen?

Sarah – Giraffes’ tongues are black to protect them from getting a sunburn.

Steven – I can do the Alphabet backward better and faster than I can do it forwards.

What would you be doing if I came to your house on a typical Saturday afternoon?

Sarah – I’d most likely be in my backyard, laying in a hammock with my cat, Biggie Smeowls, and we’d be reading a book together (or I’d be reading, and she would be sleeping).

Steven – Soccer would be on the TV, and I would probably be playing board games with my children.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh so hard that you cried?

Sarah – Wow… This is difficult! I laugh so often and many times I cry because of it. Usually, I’m laughing because I’m being silly with friends, I can’t really describe how or why anything is funny – it just is.  But I heard a joke I thought was pretty funny:

Why did the scarecrow win an award?

Because he was outstanding in his field!

Steven – It was nighttime, and I was chatting with a friend from Australia in front of a large pond, where a bunch of kids were paddling around in some small boats. When our conversation ended, we said our goodbyes, and he walked straight into the pond because he couldn’t see where he was. He was safe but soaked head to toe.

Lightning round

Zoo or aquarium?

Sarah – Aquarium

Steven – Aquarium

Cookies or Cake?

Sarah – Chocolate chip cookies

Steven – Biscuits

Favorite smell?

Sarah – Fresh cut grass – OR summer rain on hot asphalt

Steven – Ocean air

Favorite place you’ve ever taken a nap?

Sarah – On an airplane, because you fall asleep in one place and wake up in a completely new one!

Steven – A hammock in the woods

Describe your childhood self in 3 words.

Sarah – Imaginative, caring, sunny

Steven – Outside, laughing, adventurous